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July 4, 2020


everything you do now is for your future

WHY A (1ST class) University of Nairobi Graduate Abandoned Her Profession.

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Here is a thrilling story of following your dreams and listening to your heart,
Jackie Mwende is a teacher by profession she is precisely a literature teacher from Nairobi university, nevertheless she is a first class honors degree holder, but what made such a bright lady decide to work online?
Her journey to online work began as a board teacher in a secondary school in Nairobi where she used to get paid 20k on a monthly basis, hence making her to live from hand to mouth, deep down her heart she knew this was was not her worth, it’s out of disatisfaction with what she was making and the life she was living that she came to realise that she was not living to her full potential.
After sometime Jackie was introduced to online work and decided to focus today the rest is history the big question is who can employ Jackie?


According to a survey by the Kenya National Bureau
of Statistics (KNBS), seven million Kenyans are
Out of these, 1.4 million have been desperately look-
ing for work.The rest have given up on job hunting,
with some opting to go back for further studies.
The survey, released last month paints a grim
picture of the country’s unemployment levels, while
shattering the 40 per cent unemployment rate myth.
According to the survey, up to 19.5 million Kenyans
are active in the labour force, majority of them in low-
cadre, poor-paying jobs.

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